A Simple Informal Asessment for fine motor skills

A colleague based in another country approached me about assessments. The one she is using is a simple visual asessement that really only informs about gross motor mobility. In order to understand where a child is currently in their skills a formal asessment is best. The Peabody, BOT II , WRAVMA and VMI are some of the preferred ones. Along with checklists such as the Sensory Profile II, Readiness checklist, HELP and DASH. However, if as a provider or parent you don’t have access to this you can do a few simple items to see how your child performs. A skilled professional will know how to pay attention to the quality of your child’s work. What is their grasp like? Do they switch hands? Are they only recognizing their name letters? Do they confuse letters due to common reversals (b and d)? Do they start their letters at the top? Based off of other checklists I have created this simple one. I will work on attaching it as a download as soon as I can. This is inspired by Jan Olsen’s Readiness Checklist which is not free but I highly encourage everyone use it! It is copyrighted, that is why I made my own version (which I hope is ok) just to have something accessible to my colleague who has very limited resources.

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