Two Free Activities to Get in the Ramadhan Spirit

I hope all my readers of other faiths had a Happy Easter and/or Passover despite the COVID 19 outbreak. Living in quarantine has been a challenge for all of us but not day goes by that I do not think of those who have passed, the medical staff on the front lines and the essential […]

Letter Recognition Worksheets

Here are some free letter recognition worksheets I have created at the suggestion of my son’s preschool teacher. If your child is having trouble differentiating letters and recognizing them, this is an easy way for them to practice. As a mom of 4, it is very difficult and give my son one on one learning […]

When Screentime prevents playtime, what happens to little hands?

When we think about the ramifications of too much screentime on young kids, we often first think of poorer social skills. As an Occupational Therapist, I also notice, poorer hand strength, finger dexterity and immature grasp. I recently started treating a child who is extremely weak in his hands. He knows all his letters and […]

Number recognition

Working on number recognition and knowledge. My preschooler is working on his name and number recognition to get ready for Kindergarten. Tips to do this: Tips to work on number recognition and concept. What number is it? How many items is this number? 1. Have the numbers presented out of order so that the child […]

A Simple Informal Asessment for fine motor skills

A colleague based in another country approached me about assessments. The one she is using is a simple visual asessement that really only informs about gross motor mobility. In order to understand where a child is currently in their skills a formal asessment is best. The Peabody, BOT II , WRAVMA and VMI are some […]