Target is Releasing Halloween Costumes for Children in Wheelchairs!

Target is so awesome. All moms know this truth! They have been so inclusive of all different kinds of people. And now… they have released costumes that are for kids who use wheelchairs. How sweet are these costumes and these kids! The costumes and wheelchair accessories can be bought separately but all together they cost […]

Muslim OT Mama’s Ultimate Toy Gift Guide

Muslim OT Mama’s  Ultimate Toy Guide This gift guide lists my top 30 toys! It first lists the many things toys can be used for.  It then lists the toys and the symbols beside it tell what it can be used for. For your convenience each picture is an Amazon link, still in time for […]

Shopping, Shipping, Consulting for Therapy Items

Based on needs I have seen for therapy items and recent research I have done regarding pricing. I have decided to undertake a consulting, shopping and shipping endeavor to help those parents and others who need items for their differently abled loved ones. The most unique aspect of this concept is that I will give […]

Adaptive Feeding

Feeding is such an important Activity of Daily Living or ADL. However, sadly many children suffer from feeding disorders and difficulties. The reasons may be a medical condition or a sensory issue. Often premature babies suffer from feeding difficulties. Mealtime is so important across cultures, it is a time to sit down and enjoy food […]

Managing Behaviors

One topic that I have been approached about over and over is managing behaviors. Whether parents are concerned about harmless ones such as arm flapping or detrimental ones such as head banging, there are a few things to take into consideration. Point one, is this behavior harming anyone? If your child becomes excited and flaps […]